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Kerry Cato
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Kerry Cato is a consulting engineering geologist and owns Cato Geoscience, Inc. in Temecula, California. He is a member of the AEG Foundation Board, Chair of the Development Committee, and member of the Executive Director Search Committee. Cato has been involved with AEG for over 30 years beginning in graduate school at Texas A&M, when he was awarded AEG's Marliave Student Scholar (1986). He has been active in many AEG groups or activities including: Texas Section; Carolina's Section (Chair 1993-1994); Southern California Section; Co-Editor of the AEG/GSA journal Environmental and Engineering Geoscience (1997-2001); and the California Inland Empire Chapter (Founding Member, Chair 2008-2009, coordinating the AEG/GSA Jahns Distinguished Lecturer visits in Southern California 2009-2014). Kerry holds a BS in Geology from Texas Tech University and an MS and PhD in engineering geology from Texas A&M University. He is a Professional Geologist in California and Texas and a Certified Engineering Geologist in California. His expertise is in dams, site investigations, third party review, and performance of infrastructure projects.