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About Us: Committees

AEG Foundation is successful due in large part to the time and expertise our volunteers provide. We have the following Committees to thank for our progress:

  • The Communication Committee works with following internal and external publications and media to promote and advertise Foundation activities. Director Jane Gill-Shaler chairs this Committee
    • AEG Foundation website:
    • AEG Insider: AEG's weekly emailed newsletter to its membership (current distribution around 1,800)
    • AEG Foundation Scholar: (edited by Jane Gill-Shaler) a four-page Quarterly AEG Foundation newsletter that brings donors up to date on the past recipients of the various scholarships
    • AEG NEWS: AEG's hard-copy Quarterly Newsletter where the Foundation normally has a page-length article.
  • The Development Committee coordinates and seeks proposals for individuals to pursue AEG Foundation research grants (generally from within AEG). This Committee also pursues grants for the AEG Foundation from outside entities such as corporate organizations or other foundations. If Donors propose new programs, works with the Program Committee to formulate these programs. Treasurer Kerry Cato chairs the Committee.
  • The Donor Acknowledgement Committee consists of volunteers who write personalized thank you notes to donors. Each AEGF Fund has an acknowledger or acknowledgers. This Committee is coordinated by AEGF President Briget Doyle.
  • The Donor Reception Committee plans, organizes, and coordinates an annual reception for donors, which is held during the AEG Annual Meeting. Director Shirley West chairs this committee.
  • The Finance Committee is responsible for the investments of the Foundation as well as the review of annual budgets and financial reports. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding investment decisions, expense categories and income production. The Committee is chaired by former AEG President and former AEGF Director John Peck.
  • The Geoscience Library of Applied Technology (GLAT) is an online resource hosted on the AEGF website that presents a collection of archival material, which includes biographies, technical documents, and images related to the practice of Environmental and Engineering Geology, as well as certain other closely applied disciplines of Geology and Engineering. The GLAT Committee is chaired by President Briget Doyle.
  • The Marketing Committee identifies programs and opportunities to inform others about the programs AEG Foundation supports. The Committee is chaired by AEGF Director Shirley West.
  • The Nominations Committee is responsible for recruiting new Directors and officers for the AEG Foundation. The Committee is chaired by Secretary Jerry Higgins.
  • The Planned Giving Committee is responsible for developing and executing programs that encourage planned giving by potential donors to the Foundation. These include provisions in will and trusts or establishing the Foundation as a beneficiary of life insurance or charitable trusts or similar vehicles. The Committee is chaired by former AEG President and former AEGF Director John Peck.
  • The Programs Committee is responsible for planning and conducting the programs of the Foundation. The principal activity of the committee is periodic review of existing fund charters to ensure continued relevance of the funds to the purposes of the Foundation and donor intent. Formal reviews of existing charters are conducted semi-annually before face-to-face meetings of the Board of Directors. The committee makes recommendations to the Board for any proposed changes to the fund charters. The committee also reviews and critiques proposed new fund charters and makes recommendations to the Board. The Committee is chaired by former AEGF Secretary Bill Smith.
  • The Scholarship Applications Committee is responsible for ensuring that the online scholarship application process is clear, user friendly, and complete. The Committee also works with the web designer to simplify the process of retrieving and reviewing completed scholarship applications. The Committee is chaired by Secretary Jerry Higgins.
  • There are Scholarship Committees for each of our scholarship programs. The committees review the scholarship applicants each year and make recommendations to the BOD on scholarship recipients. Each scholarship is listed in the Scholarship section of this document.
  • The Silent Auction/Fundraising Committee raises funds for the AEG Foundation's various scholarships, grants, and programs. The Silent Auction/Fundraiser is a yearly function coinciding with the AEG Annual Meeting, where the Committee Chair and members of the Committee solicit items for auctioning, store them, organize them, and create bid sheets for the actual auction on the day of the event. All funds received from the silent auction are earmarked for the designated scholarship for that year. The fundraising function is ongoing, with letters, calls, and emails to past and potential future donors. It also includes, in conjunction with the Communications Committee, articles in the AEG Insider and AEG News, and publication of the AEG Scholar. The committee is chaired by Director Jane Gill-Shaler.
  • The AEG Student and Young Professional Support Committee (SYPSC) Liaison: The SYPSC is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies related to supporting and increasing student and young professional members, and related goals in the Association's Strategic Plan. The AEGF Liaison is the Foundation's point of contact with this AEG committee. The Liaison participates in Committee meetings and stimulates discussions to elicit ideas on how the Foundation can increase its support to students and young professionals. This is another way the AEGF seeks to foster the growth of the profession.