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Programs for Students
These Funds assist students to attend field camps, professional meetings, and support student research, scholarship, and professional development.
  • BEARDSLEY-KUPER FUND: This scholarship was established in 2009 by Cathryne Beardsley with her daughter Dorian Kuper and son-in-law Tom Kuper. The fund provides financial support for field camp tuition and expenses.
  • CAROLINAS SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Established in 2015 with initial funds for the gift from Carolinas Section, the Carolinas Scholarship Fund supports geologic studies by undergraduate students enrolled in a Geology or Geoscience Program at an accredited university in North Carolina or South Carolina.
  • DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP FUND: In mid-2020, AEG established the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Committee (DEIC). Leaders and members of the DEIC have established the AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship Fund to support academic scholarships for qualified college/university students.
  • LEMKE FUND: This scholarship was established in 2007 in memory of June and Richard Lemke and provides supporting funds to AEG Student Members presenting at professional meetings at which AEG plays a substantial role.
  • MARLIAVE FUND: The Marliave Fund was established by AEG in 1968 and is in memory of Burton, Chester, and Elmer Marliave. This fund supports graduate and undergraduate Scholarships in Engineering Geology and Geological Engineering.
  • MATHEWSON FUND: This scholarship was established in by the AEG Texas Section in 2007 and provides supporting funds to AEG Student Members studying in Texas.
  • TILFORD FUND: Established in 1998 in memory of Norman Tilford, a Past President and Executive Director of AEG, and professor at Texas A&M. This fund is distributed as grants awarded to graduate and undergraduate students in support of field studies.
  • STOUT FUND: Established in 1994 by the Southern California Section in honor of Professor Martin Stout. This fund supports graduate and undergraduate students in environmental and engineering Geology.
  • SUSAN STEELE WEIR SCHOLARSHIP FUND (WOMEN OF "STEELE"): The Susan Steele Weir Scholarship Fund was established by the AEG Foundation in 2017 in order to create a scholarship fund that promotes and supports the continued development and advancement of women in the profession of engineering geology.
  • JOHN MOYLAN STUDENT CHAPTER GRANT: This program supports AEG Student Chapters for field trips, visiting professionals, and other program needs through small grants.
  • WEST-GRAY SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Established in 2014 with initial funding provided by a gift from Terry R. West and Richard E. Gray, Past Presidents of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists. This fund supports undergraduate and graduate geology students in the eastern half of the United State through scholarship grants.
Programs for Practitioners
These Funds support workshops, conferences, speaker programs, research, and publications for professionals in environmental and engineering geoscience fields.
  • SHLEMON CONTINUING EDUCATION FUND: The Continuing Education Fund supports local workshops through AEG Sections.
  • JAHNS FUND: Supports speaker programs, including the Jahns Lecturer selected by the AEG and Engineering Geology Division of the Geological Society of America.
  • LEGGET FUND: Supports traditional and web-based publications in environmental and engineering geology to benefit the professional practitioner, faculty, students, and the public. Program expansion plans include public information outreach and a web-based library of classic books and papers, bibliographies, and professional practice resources.
  • SHLEMON SPECIALTY CONFERENCE FUND: Initiated by Roy Shlemon in 1997, this fund supports specialty conferences in engineering geology and related fields.
  • CORNERSTONE FUND: This fund supports university-level teaching of engineering geology and geological engineering in the United States.
Foundation Support Programs
These Funds support the general operation of the Foundation, and provide support to underfunded programs and funds.
  • GREATEST NEED FUND: The AEG Foundation Board will allocate your donations to the program areas of greatest current need.
  • JOHNSTON OPERATIONS FUND: Directly supports the Foundation’s business operations. Contributions to this fund reduce the support burden on program funds.