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Donate: Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is a list of people who have passed on, and others have made donations in their honor.
Donations must accumulate to at least $1,000 before the name is added to this list.

William D. Mack Beal John B. Ivey
Glenn A Brown Robert A. Matthews
George H. Davis James McWhorter
Edwin B. Eckel Nancy J. Peck
Philip A. Frame Ena Proctor
Richard W. Galster Noel M. Ravneberg
William I. Gardner C. Michael Scullin
Stephen L. Garrison Sigmund Schwarz
Richard C. Harding Eugene K. Shaw
E. Paul Hartzell Richard G. Sherman
Aubrey D, "Pete" Henley David B. "Burt" Slemmons
Onys Burke Henley Ruth Slemmons
Seena N. Hoose Richard C. Thompson
James D. Hume Norman R. Tilford
Taylor Dwight Hunt