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Beardsley-Kuper Field Camp Scholarship Fund

Grants from the AEG Foundation Beardsley-Kuper Geology Field Camp Scholarship Fund are intended to support geology field camp costs with applied environmental and engineering geology that will be useful to the student's future profession as an engineering or environmental geologist. Grants from the Beardsley-Kuper Geology Field Camp Scholarship Fund may be used by recipients to support the direct costs of the field camp tuition as well as meals and lodging. The Beardsley-Kuper Geology Field Camp Scholarship Fund does not support the purchase or maintenance costs of field equipment and any costs associated with travel to the field camp. In keeping with the Internal Revenue Code classification of the AEG Foundation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Foundation will not make grants supporting publications that are designed to be used to influence political decisions or processes. The AEG Foundation Board of Directors will make all decisions regarding grants from the Beardsley-Kuper Geology Field Camp Scholarship Fund in its sole discretion.


Who was Cathryne Beardsley, and who are Dorian and Tom Kuper?
Cathryne Beardsley and Dorian & Tom Kuper

Ms. Cathryne Beardsley was born into an old Arizona family on a cattle ranch where she learned to ride, herd cattle and grow crops. She lived in many places including the northwest, the south, Japan and the Philippines and worked in New York City as a model, but always came back to her native Arizona. She is the mother of Dorian Kuper (Past AEG President) and mother-in-law of Tom Kuper (AEG member and AEG Foundation Director). She supported Dorian through her schooling and was especially supportive of her attending summer field camp. Cathryne continued to be supportive of Dorian and Tom as they traveled to various countries on landslide field trips, having joined them herself on one in Spain!

Cathryne's life lessons stem from her roots in Arizona, modeling, traveling and living within various cultures as well as her "hands on" experiences. She was an avid rock hound, not feeling shy to pick up a rock hammer to dig out a specimen from an outcrop. Her idea of a camping trip was to camp among the rocks or visit old mine sites to bring home "pretty rocks". As a result, her home was surrounded by "pretty rocks" both inside and out, which she collected over the years. Cathryne saw the love Dorian and Tom have for geology, for mentoring students and for the field. Her contribution to the AEG Foundation Fund will help support future geologists secure a solid summer field camp experience which is so important to the basics of geology.

Dorian and Tom Kuper are members of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists. Dorian is Past President of AEG, and Tom served as a Director with AEG Foundation. Both are owners of Kuper Consulting, located in Oregon, Montana and Arizona.


Past Awardees
  • 2020 – The Beardsley-Kuper Fund did not award scholarships in 2020 due to COVID-19 causing field camps to be cancelled.
  • 2019 – Caleb Ring Colorado School of Mines
    2019 – Kasey Buckley, Missouri University of Science & Technology
    2019 – Jennifer Stephens, Austin Peay State University
  • 2018 – Tatjana Scherschel, Colorado School of Mines
    2018 – Kaitlyn Allen, CSU Fresno
  • 2017 – Andrew Oberhelman, University of Puget Sound
    2017 – Jeffrey Weiss, NC State University
  • 2016 – Ariel Marie Ellison, University of Alaska Fairbanks
    2016 – Matthew Kyle Seigler, Clemson University
    2016 – Tyler Craig Gilkerson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • 2015 – Ann Sutton Teichmiller, University of Mississippi
    2015 – Darren Seidel, Angelo State University
  • 2014 – William Miner, Colorado School of Mines
    2014 – Rebekah Tsigonis, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • 2013 – Konner Horton, University of Mississippi
    2013 – Joshua Stewart, Colorado School of Mines