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Diversity Scholarship Fund

In 2020, the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologist’s (AEG) Executive Council made the following statement on diversity: “AEG supports diversity equity, and inclusion in the geosciences professions and in our organization. AEG leadership plans to further our efforts in promoting these values by challenging ourselves on what we can do better to encourage underrepresented populations to consider and obtain careers in the geosciences and to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment within our Association and the geosciences professions.”

In mid-2020, AEG established the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Committee (DEIC). Leaders and members of the DEIC have established the AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship Fund to support academic scholarships for qualified college/university students.

It is planned that at least one AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship will be presented each year. This scholarship will be awarded to the applicant(s) who has been selected as the most qualified by the AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship Selection Committee (“the Committee”) according to the scholarship selection criteria. The amount of this AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship will usually be $5,000.00.

If fund resources are adequate, and if the Committee agrees, more than one AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship may be awarded in one year. Conversely, the AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship may be withheld in any year when, in the collective opinion of the Committee, no qualified applications are received.

It is not the intent of this AEG Foundation’s Diversity Scholarship Fund to exist ad infinitum. It is intended to be available for a time when diversity enrichments with AEG and the geosciences need special assistance, recognition, encouragement, and resources. At its inception in 2021, it is intended that this AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship Fund dissolve after dispersal of the 2036 AEG Foundation Diversity Scholarship(s) and AEG Foundation Diversity Field-Trip Grants – a 15-year lifespan.

Fund managers, members of the AEG Foundation Board, and members of the Committee shall monitor the balance in the account throughout its existence. If resources are adequate or plentiful, awards maybe made that are larger or more numerous than originally visioned. Also, as the year 2036 approaches, final disbursements in the form of more or higher-dollar-value scholarships may be made.

  • 2022 - TBD