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AEG Foundation
Greatest Need Fund

The Greatest Need Fund includes the Memorial Fund and is an unrestricted fund that is used principally to augment grant awards of program funds, to augment fund balances of program funds, and to meet special funding opportunities that are within the purview of the AEG Foundation.

Memorial Fund - This unrestricted fund accepts gifts of any amount in memory of any individual. Our AEG Foundation Honor Roll recognizes those memorialized by gifts totaling at least $1,000.

AEG Foundation Honor Roll
  • George H. Davis
  • Edwin B. Eckel
  • Philip A. Frame
  • Richard W. Galster
  • William I. Gardner
  • Stephen L. Garrison
  • Richard C. Harding
  • E. Paul Hartzell
  • Onys Burke Henley
  • Seena N. Hoose
  • James D. Hume
  • Taylor Dwight Hunt
  • John B. Ivey
  • Robert A. Matthews
  • Nancy Peck
  • Noel M. Ravneberg
  • C. Michael Scullin
  • Sigmund Schwarz
  • Eugene K. Shaw
  • Richard C. Thompson
  • David J. Varnes