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Richard H. Jahns Lectureship Fund

The Richard H. Jahns Fund of the AEG Foundation supports the travel expenses or honoraria, or both, of selected speakers who present information about engineering geology and environmental geology to diverse practitioner, student, faculty, and public audiences. The first priority of the Jahns Fund is support of the Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer, who is selected annually and supported by the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists and the Engineering Geology Division of the Geological Society of America. The AEG Foundation will also consider other requests to support speakers on the topics of engineering geology and environmental geology as available resources permit.

Who was Richard H. Jahns?
Richard Jahns

Dick Jahns joined AEG in 1965. As a Professor of Geology at the California Institute of Technology in the 1950's, he was one of an astute group of geologists keenly aware of the changes man was imposing on the Southern California landscape. In the scientific methods and critical thinking he demanded of his students were the shaping and development of professional engineering geologists, those who would meet the challenge presented by these changes.

A native of Los Angeles, Dick graduated with a B.S. in Geology from CalTech in 1935, and received an M.S. in Geology from Northwestern University in 1937. He then worked at the USGS, moving from Junior to Associate Geologist, and as a Teaching Fellow at Ca!Tech where he earned a Ph.D. in Geology in 1943.

For several years he continued working with the Survey, largely in economic geology, strategic minerals, granites and pegmatites. His interest and publications were directed toward the usefulness and practial applications of geology. In 1946 Dick Jahns accepted an Assistant Professorship at CaiTech, and by 1949 was a full Professor.

During the postwar housing and water-project boom in California, engineering geology was being called on to provide a specialized expertise to the more established engineering community as a combination of heavy rainfall winters, massive grading project, and complex geology led to disastrous slope failures. In 1957 Dick became first a Member, then President of the Engineering Geologist's Qualification Board of the City of Los Angeles. Under his direction the Board developed educational and training criteria which eventually evolved into the model for AEG membership requirements and California registration.

In his teaching, Dick was well known as an inspired lecturer, brilliant field trip leader, and critical reviewer. The use of real field situations and the forcing together of engineers with geologists instilled in great numbers of students, and professionals an appreciation of scientific curiosity, investigative thoroughness, and effective communication. Dick Jahns set an example of professional excellence in engineering geology.

Jahns Lecturers
  • 2019 – Deborah Green
  • 2018 – Dr. John Wakabayashi
  • 2017 – Scott A. Anderson
  • 2016 – Jerome De Graff
  • 2015 – Eldon Gath
  • 2014 – Gregory Hempen
  • 2013 – James P. McCalpin
    2013James P. McCalpin
    2014 – Gregory Hempen
  • 2012 – Scott Burns
  • 2011 – William C. Haneberg
  • 2010 – Paul Marinos
  • 2009 – Edmund Medley
  • 2008 – John Clague
  • 2007 – John Moylan
  • 2006 – Jerry Higgins
  • 2005 – Richard Iverson
  • 2004 – Jeffrey R. Keaton
  • 2003 – Chester "Skip" Watts
  • 2002 – Perry H. Rahn
  • 2001 – Robert J. Watters
  • 2000 – Allen W. Hatheway
  • 1999 – Mavis Kent
  • 1998 – Thomas L. Holzer
  • 1997 – Don U. Deere
  • 1996 – J. David Rogers
  • 1995 – Robert S. Yeats
  • 1994 – James F. Quinlan
  • 1993 – Roy J. Shlemon
  • 1992 – Barry Voight
  • 1991 – Ellis L. Krinitzsky
  • 1990 – Robert L. Schuster
  • 1989 – James E. Slosson