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Floyd T. Johnston Operations Fund

The Floyd T. Johnston Operations Fund is an unrestricted fund that is used principally to pay for the Foundation's general administrative and fundraising expenses.

An unrestricted fund for this purpose is essential because the Foundation cannot function without paying general administrative and fundraising costs. The Foundation had no fund for which earnings are dedicated to paying general administrative and fundraising costs. Therefore, these costs must be serviced by an administrative or operational support fee charged to donations or earnings, by reclassification of excess earnings in program funds, or by donations made specifically to an operations support fund. Gifts to the Floyd T. Johnston Operations Fund reduce the administrative support burden that must be borne by program funds.

Who was Floyd T. Johnston?
Floyd Johnston

Floyd T. Johnston was born October 28, 1906, in Weathersfield Township, Henry County, Illionios. He attended high school at Augustana Academy in Rock Island, Illinois, and received a B.Sc. in geology from Augustana College in 1930.

Upon graduation, Floyd began a 21-year career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, beginning in 1930 as an engineering geologist. During his tenure with the Corps of Engineers, he directed geologic investigations and was responsible for the engineering geology related to the design of numerous dams, levees, canals and other engineered features throughout the Missouri River Division, Mississippi Valley Division, and the Southwest Division of the Corps. Notable among these features were Locks and Dams 10 through 26 on the Mississippi River. Floyd rose through the ranks of the Corps from Staff Engineering Geologist to District Geologist, Galveston District; District Geologist, Omaha District; and Division Geologist, Missouri River Division. While employed by the Corps, Floyd pursued his education with graduate studies at Purdue University and the University of Texas at Austin.

Upon retirement from the Corps in 1951. Floyd co-founded Mason-Johnston (then a partnership), later to incorporate as Mason-Johnston and Associates, Inc . in 1964. During these early years of MJ&A. Floyd was a very strong proponent of AEG. He was instrumental in the formation of the Dallas/Fort Worth Section, later to become the Texas Section, which he served as both Vice-Chairman and Chairman, all the while encouraging and serving as mentor to those younger professionals with whom he was in contact.

In 1971 Floyd retired from MJ&A and, true to his nature, could not stay away from the profession. He felt a need to share his knowledge and wisdom with others, and in 1973 became the first Executive Director of AEG. Between 1973 and 1982, Floyd served to streamline the business and management aspects of the Association. In 1976, the Association conferred its highest honor, that of Honorary Member, on Floyd. Another Association award is named in his honor: the Floyd T. Johnston Service Award for long and outstanding service to the Association. Floyd Theodore Johnston died on November 2, 1991, at his home in Dallas, Texas.