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Robert F. Legget Publication Fund

The Robert F. Legget Fund of the AEG Foundation supports publications and public outreach in engineering geology and environmental geology that serve as information resources for the professional practitioner, students, faculty, and (or) the public. The fund also supports public education about the interactions between the works of mankind and the geologic environment.

The subject matter scope of publications supported by the Legget Fund may include original works, reviews, compilations, symposium proceedings, benchmark papers, bibliographies, databases, memorials, biographies and oral history interviews of those who made valuable contributions to the progress of the science and profession of engineering geology, and studies of the demographics of the profession, inter-professional relations, and the role of the profession in society. The publication venue of supported publications may include print media, electronic media, internet publication, and audio-visual media. The Legget Fund may support reprints of publications within its scope and the conversion of publications in one medium to another. In making grants for these purposes, the Foundation will require an appropriate level of peer review and editorial quality.

Public education activities that the fund can support include K-12 teacher resources, publications to inform the public about the interactions between the works of mankind and the geologic environment, and signage or explanatory materials at public locations of interest for their engineering geology or environmental geology significance.

Who was Robert F. Legget?
Robert Legget

Robert F. Legget was born in 1904 in Liverpool, England, of Scottish parents. He graduated with honors in civil engineering from the University of Liverpool in 1925. Here he had the good fortune to learn geology in the lecture room and field, from Professor P. G. H . Boswell . This gifted teacher showed him the relevance of geology to civil engineering.

Coming to Canada in 1929, he spent a further seven years on heavy engineering works, mainly foundations. Continuing his interest in geology, he was encouraged by Dr. J. J . O'Neill of McGill University to prepare a paper on Geology and Civil Engineering and this led to his writing Geology and Engineering, a book first suggested by Professor Boswell. Published in 1939, it led to close association with Dr. C. P. Berkey. In 1936 Dr. Legget joined the start of Queen's University, Kingston, but was invited to the University of Toronto in 1938. Here he established the first Soil Mechanics laboratory in Canada.

In 1947 he was invited by the National Research Council of Canada to establish and to direct in Ottawa a new Division of Building Research, to serve as the research wing of Canadian's largest industry. When he retired in 1969, DBR/ NR had a well-equipped headquarters Research Centre in Ottawa, regional stations in four centers across the country, and a staff of over 240. His work necessarily included soil and foundation studies throughout Canada, with pioneer research work in the North in to problems of permafrost, started in 1950.