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Richard W. and June T. Lemke
Scholarship Fund

The Lemke Fund supports the scholarly and professional development of student members of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists by awarding grants intended to offset part of the cost of attending and participating in scientific and technical conferences and association meetings for student presenters. These grants are named "Lemke Scholarships" and may be awarded to students at the undergraduate or graduate levels. Awards will be made by the AEG Foundation to deserving student members who are sole author or first author of a paper or poster that they personally present at the meeting or conference. The number of awards and value of the awards will be determined annually by the Foundation Board.

Who Were Richard and June Lemke?

The Lemke Fund was created by a bequest received in 2007 from the estate of Richard W. and June T. Lemke. The fund name honors the memory of Richard W. Lemke (1913-2003) and June T. Lemke (1919-2005). This career summary is drawn from the citation for his election to Honorary Member of AEG (Anonymous, 1980) and the Memorial article by Hansen and Colton (2004). Richard (Dick) Lemke enjoyed a long and active career with the U. S. Geological Survey from 1938 to 1976. His early experience was with the USGS mineralogy and petrology laboratory, followed by a supervisory position in the Missouri River Basin Geologic Mapping program. He worked in the Engineering Geology Branch of the U. S. Geological Survey from 1950 until his retirement. His assignments included a vehicular crossing of the Greenland ice cap in World War II, studying earthquake effects and participating in post-earthquake recovery operations in Chile and Alaska, and seminal studies of the geology of underground nuclear testing sites in Nevada. Dick married Ellenor June Thomas in August of 1940, while he was employed by the U.S. Geological Survey in Washington DC. June was his companion on many geological assignments and trips. During World War II, she worked for defense agencies in Washington, and was a secretary to Edward Teller.

Dick was president of the Association of Engineering Geologists in 1970, and was elected an Honorary Member in 1980. He was supportive of students, his fellow geologists, and the profession of engineering geology.

Past Awardees
  • 2020 – Emily Smoot, Margaret Kroehler, Iuliia Tchibulnikova, Samantha Farmer, Sarah Harris, Kara Kingen, Luke Weidner
  • 2013 – Nidal Atallah, Christina Francisco, Emine Onur, Lauren Schaefer, Ashley Tizzano, Bonnie Zwessler, Julien Cohen-Waeber, Evan Keffeler, Matthew Waugh, and Robert Leyland
  • 2011 – Michael Bramnik, Evan Friedman, Tej Gautam, Laila Jover, Kyle Obermiller, and Lei Xu
  • 2010 – Patrizia Bolz, Holly Ann Brunkal, Tej Gautam, Christine McCabe, Katherine Mickelson, and Margela Shirley
  • 2009 – Yonathan Admassu, Jason Dortch, Serin Duplantis, Colin Macheel, Kevin Mininger, and Stephanie Watts
  • 2008 – Ryan Bartingale, Diana Cook, Serin Duplantis, Kyla Erich, Brendan Fisher, and Chesney Gilleland
  • 2007 – Rebecca Brock, Marina Drazba, Deniz Karadeniz, Rachel Pirot, Adam Prochaska, and Joshua Theule