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Christopher C. Mathewson Texas Section Scholarship Fund

The AEG Texas Section Scholarship Fund supports geologic studies by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Recipients of grants must be students enrolled in an accredited Texas college or university, or graduate students enrolled in an accredited university outside Texas but conducting their field studies inside Texas. Awards will be made by the AEG Foundation to outstanding and deserving students based on demonstrated ability, scholarship, potential for contributions to the profession, character, and participation in student/professional societies.

Who is Christopher C. Mathewson?
Christopher Mathewson

Dr. Christopher C. Mathewson received his education in engineering and applied geology, earning a BS in civil engineering at Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio (1963), and then a MS and PhD in geological engineering at the University of Arizona (1965 and 1971). Between his MS and PhD, he served as a commissioned officer in the National Ocean Survey, working on ocean charting and marine geophysical surveys in the Pacific and on coastal hazards in Hawaii. This early work allowed him to practice the joint application of geology and engineering, and to see the need and potential for engineering geology as a mainstay practice.

Following award of his PhD in 1971, Chris moved into the world of teaching, beginning a long and distinguished career at the College of Geosciences of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, which continues to this day. He was Assistant Professor from 1971 to 1976, Associate Professor from 1976 to 1982, and reached full Professor in 1982. In 2006, he was named Regents Professor. During his tenure, he developed and nurtured a program of engineering geology, working with faculty members in other departments to forge an educational curriculum involving exposure to classical geology, fundamental engineering, agricultural soils, geotechnical engineering, soil and rock mechanics, hydrogeology, and site investigative techniques (which he taught himself, based on his own experiences). His efforts culminated in the Engineering Geology Research Program, as part of the College of Geosciences, in 1977. Later, the research program evolved into the Center of Engineering Geosciences, of which Chris became Director in 1992.

Other applied research topics in Chris' never-ending thirst for engineering geology thesis problems for his students include coastal and river processes, effects of large storms on the movement of sediment, urban planning based on recognition of geologic constraints, groundwater resources and protection, natural hazard analyses and mitigation, archaeological site preservation, and gravel mining.

Past Awardees (Christopher C. Mathewson Scholarship Recipients)
  • 2020 – Ashley Aguilar, University of Texas at San Antonio - Graduate
    2020 – Emma Fuentes, Angelo State University - Graduate
  • 2019 – Steven Follmer, University of Houston Clear Lake
  • 2018 – Ruby Patterson
  • 2017 – Alyssa Kirkendall
    2017 – Joshua Peterson
  • 2016 – Eric Bergerson - Graduate Masters
    2016 – Sean Michael Czarnecki - Senior Undergraduate
  • 2014 – Stephanie Frelinger, University of Texas at Austin
  • 2013 – Velita Cardenas, University of Texas at San Antonio - Undergraduate 1st Place
  • 2012 – Christina Dance, University of Texas at Arlington - Undergraduate 1st Place
    2012 – Sebastian Cardona, University of Texas at San Antonio - Undergraduate 2nd Place
    2012 – Laurie O'Neill, University of Texas at Austin - Graduate 1st Place
  • 2011 – Bach Huy Pham
Past Awardees (Texas Section Scholarship Recipients)
  • 2010 – Eric Stiffler
  • 2009 – Lorna Hanko, Sevon Geil