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AEG Foundation
Research Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support for small research projects that advance the science and application of environmental and engineering geology. The Fund will expend up to $5000 each year for proposed research if one or more projects are approved by a review committee and recommended to the Board for funding. The proposed research must be completed within one year unless special provisions are agreed to by the participant and the Board. A written report on the results of the research, or a progress report on continuing research, will be required to fulfill the terms of the research grant. The grants may be used in conjunction with grants from other professional organizations to support larger projects if warranted by the specific project requirements. The intent is to encourage individuals to propose on research that is not generally funded by other institutions or agencies.

Research Grants Awarded
  • 2010 – Edmund Medley, Field Trip Presentation for Civil Engineering Students to Demonstrate the Importance of Engineering Geology.
  • 2010 – Christopher Stohr, Satellite Imagery for Environmental Reuse of Cement Kiln Dust and Sewage Disposal Discharge in East Beni Suef, Egypt.
  • 2008 – William C. Hanneberg, Reconnaissance Engineering Geology of the Laprak Landslide, Gorkha District, Nepal.